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Hull And Liabilities

This type of insurance is categorized into three sections under tone insurance policy.

  • The Hull Insurance The cover includes loss or accidental damage to the aircraft hull itself, its equipment and/or special accessories fitted to it. Cover is provided to the insured aircraft whilst in flight, taxying, on the ground or moored.
  • Legal Liability to Third Parties Under this section, cover is provided to indemnify the insured in respect of all sums, which the insured shall become legally liable to pay as compensation, including costs for accidental bodily injury or death to third parties, or property damage to third party property arising out of the use of the insured aircraft. This policy pays up to the limit of the liability specified under the policy plus legal costs incurred with the corporations consent.
  • Legal Liabilities to Passengers Cover is provided to the insured for all amounts which he shall become legally liable to pay as compensation, including costs in respect of accidental death, bodily injury to the passengers, or damage to the passengers’ baggage arising out of the use of the insured aircraft. The limit of liability or indemnity is as explained under third party legal liability section above.

In Zambia, it is currently a statutory requirement for aircraft owners and operators to insure against legal liabilities to third parties and passengers in respect of any civil aircraft operating in the country.

Personl Accident

Aviation Personal Accident Insurance This type of policy covers accidental bodily injury, resulting in death or disablement suffered whilst embarking, or disembarking an aircraft. Disablement can be: Temporary Total : Physical injury which necessarily and continuously disables, or Permanent Total : Physical injury which permanently and completely disables the insured from his business or occupation on.

Loss Of Licence Insurance

Professional air crew and certain other specialists engaged in the aviation industry such as flying instructors, air traffic control staff and pilots are only permitted to perform their duties if they hold a valid licence. Such licences must be renewed at intervals and the holder must on each occasion satisfy the medical examiner of the issuing authority as to his fitness to perform flying or other duties. After an illness or accident, the licence holder may fail to pass his medical examination and his licence may be suspended, or if the effects are permanent, withdrawn thereby rendering loss of his licence. Loss of licence policies are therefore issued to pilots and flying engineers to provide for the payment of an insured sum for periodical payments.

Insurance Cover For Airports Owner And Operators

Loss Of Licence Insurance

An airport operator is subject to a variety of liabilities. This type of cover indemnifies the owner or operator of an airport or hanger keeper against all sums he becomes legally liable to pay in respect of any liability arising out of the different types of goods or services he provides. There are three types categories of risks covered under this policy:

  • Premises LiabilityThis protects the insured bodily injury or property damage occurring to the insured's premises or elsewhere in the course of any work carried out by the insured or his employees in the course of performing any of his duties in connection with the business.
  • Hangar Keeper's LiabilityThis covers the insured in respect of loss or damage to non-owned aircraft or equipment while on the ground and in the care, control or custody of the insured or which are serviced, handled or maintained by the insured or his employees.
  • Products LiabilityThis covers bodily injuries or property damage arising out of the possession, use, consumption, or handling of any goods or products manufactured, constructed, altered, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied or distributed by the insured or his employees. Cover only applies in respect of such goods or products which form part of, or are used with aircraft, and then only after they have left the possession or control of the insured.

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