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Business Interuption / Consequential Loss / Loss Of Profits

his type of insurance provides protection against the dangers of explosion and collapse of boilers and pressure vessels. It also includes cover for material damage to other property belonging to the insured, third party property damage, and fatal or non fatal injuries to third parties not employed by the insured, always providing that such loss is a consequence of a boiler or pressure vessel explosion or collapse.Excluded from the policy are: Damage or liability caused by fire following an explosion Natural hazards such as wind-storm, typhoon and hurricane, or volcanic

Plant All Risks

Cover is on an “all risks” basis, and is basically for unforeseen and accidental physical loss or damage due to external causes The policy can be extended to include

Road Risks and Transit Risks

The policy Excludes:

mechanical and electrical breakdown

Machinery BreakDown Insurance

Covers unforeseen and sudden physical damage to insured machinery from any cause not excluded whilst at work or at rest and during cleaning inspection, overhauling or removal to another position in the premises.

Detoriation Of Stock (DOS)

Cover is for perishable goods e.g. meat, fish, vegetables, fruit stored in cold rooms which suffer damage as a consequence of an insured machinery breakdown accident.Causes may be as a result of rise or fall in temperature, change in the concentration of gases and a breakdown of the refrigeration system.The policy excludes:

  • Shrinkage
  • Inherent defects or diseases of the stored goods,
  • Natural deterioration,
  • Improper storage and packaging,
  • Deviations from designers specifications
  • Overloading beyond rated capacity
  • Failure by public supply

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