Farm Pack Insurance

  • Complete farm operations cover with maximum benefits
  • One proposal, one premium, one renewal
  • Discounted rates of between 10 and 25% for 3 or more sections

Fire And Perils

Covers natural and man made disasters in respect of plant, machinery,
fixtures and fittings as well as any other items covered in the insured’s schedule.

Good In Transit

This provides cover for loss or damage to goods in transit such as farm produce and cattle.

Home Owners

Refers to loss or damage to the private dwelling
house and accompanying fixtures and fittings belonging to the insured as landlord, caused by natural or man made disasters.

House Holders

Offers cover for loss, theft or damage to contents of private dwelling houses due to fire, perils and theft.

Employers Liability

Covers death, injury, disease or illness suffered by an employee due to negligence on the part of the insured or his employees.

Public Liability

This covers third party death, injury or damage to property
caused by negligence of the insured or his employees.
This policy can also be extended to products sold by the farm and to livestock in the event of litigation by agrieved customers.


This covers money lost in transit, in the safe or in a strong room. Additionally, limited cover can be provided for money in the house or in any property as specified in the insured’s schedule.


This cover is an all risk mortality cover in respect of death of the insured’s animals due to accidents, illness, disease and epidemics. Four types of cover are available.

Group Personal Accident

This covers farm workers in transit using farm transport in the course of their duties. Limited cover can be provided to members of the farm worker’s families who may be using the same transport.

Deterioration Of Stock

Covers against machine breakdown in respect of the compressor and cold room as well as loss due to deterioration of the stock in the cold room resulting from the former.

Plant All Risk

Refers to loss or damage to plant or heavy duty machinery as specified in the client’s schedule. The cover extends to resultant damage to other property belonging to the insured and third parties as well as injury to or death of third parties.


This policy covers private, commercial and agricultural vehicles either comprehensively or on a third party basis.