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Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Insurance

Whether small scale or commercial farmer, the ZSIC GI Agricultural Insurance policy guarantees you a peace of mind and ensures your investments are protected against loss due to flood, drought, disease or death of animals

We offer the following agricultural insurance policies:

Crop Insurance

Covers loss or damage to crops due to fire and lightning, hail, drought and floods. Crops covered include maize, wheat, sunflower, cotton, groundnuts, soya, beans, coffee, tea, sugarcane and tobacco.

Cover can be extended to:

  • Transit risk (For Bananas and Tobacco only)

  • Damage by wild animals (Bananas only)

  • Degradation in quality (For wheat and Barley)

Livestock & Poultry Insurance

Covers death of a wide range of animals and birds as a result of accident, illness and disease outbreaks, drought and floods. Animals and livestock covered include Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Game animals (in Game Farms) and fish.

Farm Equipment & Property

Not only will we cover your crops and animals but also safeguard your property and equipment used in cultivating and processing of your farm produce. These include your house, cold room storage, processing and packaging equipment etc. To get cover for three (3) or more items under our agricultural policy, choose ZSIC GI's Farm Pack policy.

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