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Agricultural Insurance Services

Livestock Poultry Insurance

Covers a range of animals such as :

Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Game animals (in Game Farms).

loss or death due to:

Disease, Illness, Accident, Epidemic

Special conditions on Livestock

  • Only animals of between 6 months and 15 years are insured - Horses
  • Only animals of between 2 months and 10 years are insured - Pigs
  • Only animals of between 6 months and 10 years are insured – cattle
  • Only chickens of not less than 21 days are covered

Farm Pack


  • Complete farm operations cover with maximum benefits
  • One proposal, one premium, one renewal
  • Discounted rates of between 10 and 25% for 3 or more sections

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Crop Insurance

Covers loss or damage due to fire and lightning for both irrigated and rain fed crops. Such crops include maize, wheat, sunflower, cotton, groundnuts, soya, beans, coffee, tea, sugarcane and tobacco.

Crops covered :

Summer crops, Winter crops, Perennial crops

Cover can be extended to:

  • Transit risk (For Bananas and Tobacco only)
  • Damage by wild animals (Bananas only)
  • Degradation in quality (For wheat and Barley)


Insured Perils

  • Covers the tobacco crop in the field against loss or damage resulting from Hail and Wind accompanying hail.
  • Tobacco in nurseries and those less than 21 days after transplanting is not covered
  • The selected compensation level is the sum insured

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