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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car insurance policies tailored specifically to suit your needs

We offer different types of car insurance as follows:

Comprehensive Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance cover provides the widest protection available for your car. Choose us for comprehensive insurance and you'll be covered against the following:

  • Own damage to the vehicle

  • Loss or damage to vehicle by fire or theft

  • Damage to other vehicles or property (third parties)

  • Legal liability to a third party in respect of bodily injury or death

Your comprehensive insurance policy can be extended to cover the following items at an additional premium:

  • Loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to riot

  • Geographical limits to cover foreign travel

  • Full third party cover to COMESA member states

Full Third Party Insurance

This is the minimal practical cover available and it is compulsory by law. With our third party insurance, you're covered against accidental damage to material, property or bodily injury or death to a third party arising out of use of the insured vehicle.

Full Third Party -- Fire & Theft

In addition to Full Third Party cover, we offer third party cover extended to fire & theft. This cover includes loss or damage arising from fire and theft to the insured's vehicle.

GRZ Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme

Our GRZ motor insurance scheme is a tailor made cover for civil servants. The premiums are payable in six (6) equal monthly installments through the payroll. The scheme offers comprehensive cover plus Riot & Strike (loss of or damage to the insured vehicle through Riot and Strike) and protection against all sums legally liable to pay to other parties for:

  • Bodily injury including passengers

  • Damage to third party property arising from use of the insured vehicle

Our GRZ Scheme offers the following additional benefits:

  • Medical expenses

  • Replacement of locks & keys

  • Unauthorized repair limit

  • Undeclared audio equipment

  • Cost of protection and removal

  • Windscreen Excess waiver

Motor Traders Insurance

This is a policy that offers protection to a business at all times and is most suitable for dealers of vehicles, vehicle traders, fleet operators and all those engaged in the repair and maintenance of vehicles including testing.

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