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Group Personal Insurance

Group Personal Insurance Compensation for bodily injury resulting in death or disability of any person employed by an insured entity or individual, caused solely by an accident. Employers are covered, up to an agreed limit for any injuries or death that may occur to their employees. Benefits Covered

  • Death – of any person covered by the insurance where death is a direct result of an accident. The benefit payable (i.e. Capital Sum) is either a stated amount or a multiple of salary e.g. 5 times annual salary.
  • Permanent Disablement – of any person covered by the insurance, the benefit being payable in the event of injury sustained as a result of an accident where the disablement is permanent. The amount payable is a percentage of the capital sum depending on the degree of the disablement.
  • Medical Expenses – incurred by any person covered by the Insurance in respect of actual medical expenses paid which relate to the injury directly caused by an accident, the limit set being the maximum amount payable.
  • Funeral Expenses Extension – can be taken as an optional extension to the policy to cover funeral expenses necessarily incurred where death of any person covered by the Insurance is a direct result of an accident. The limit of indemnity will be an agreed amount.

Employer's Liability

This covers legal liability of an employer which relates to bodily injury, death or disease sustained by any person under a contract of service with the employer and which arises out of and in the course of employment.

Public Liability

Public liability provides an indemnity in respect of legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury or damage to property of the public due to negligence of the insured and or his employees during the conduct of his business.

Product Liabilty

Products liability cover is issued as an extension to the main public liability policy. This cover protects the insured against legal liability for injury to third parties or loss of or damage to their property caused by goods sold or supplied

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